Co-op Membership

Seminary Co-op Bookstore, Inc., is a consumer co-operative owned by its members.  You do not need to join the Co-op to buy from us, but over 53,000 people are currently members (shareholders).  The Co-op's Board of Directors has voted to convert the discount at  the time of purchase to an annual  purchase credit equal to 10% of the member's prior year's purchases. This program began on August 1, 2013. 
You can become a member of the Co-op by purchasing three $10 shares of stock, for a total investment of $30.  Shares of stock may be purchased at any of our three stores, through the mail, or online using the link below.  You will receive a stock certificate in the mail shortly after you join by mail or online.


Any time after six months of membership, the Co-op will buy back the stock of persons who no longer wish to be members. • When there is sufficient profit, a rebate on book purchases and a dividend on stock may be paid to members at the end of the fiscal year.  • The Seminary Co-op is a consumer co-operative association, incorporated in 1961. • A member-elected Board of Directors oversees the corporation and employs a general manager to direct day-to-day operations.

Photo by Megan E. Doherty

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