100 Events in the History of Mexico / 100 momentos de la historia de México

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With impressive research and more than 300 images from public and private collections, 100 Events in the History of Mexico is an extraordinary collection of the events across history that have shaped modern Mexico, its culture, and its people. Entries cover topics such as:

- archaeological and spiritual foundations
- wars and uprisings for independence
- development of a national identity
- major civic monuments and buildings
- the Olympics and sports throughout the nation
- the development of finance, business, and international trade
- the accomplishments of civil society
- urban planning and the development of Mexico City
- the women's vote
- popular culture through the lens of literature, film, music, theater, and television
- creation of the National Autonomous University of Mexico
- technological and industrial revolutions
- the Golden Age of Mexican cinema

Without a doubt, 100 Events in the History of Mexico is a fascinating, comprehensive reference work that will find a significant audience in the United States.

Publication Date: 
August 30, 2018