365 Days of Play

365 Days of Play

With an activity for every day, any day is a great day to explore, learn, and create something new!

It's time to start your ULTIMATE year of games with 365 Days of Play! This go-to activity book for kids ages 4-8 includes an activity for every day of the year. An encyclopedia of play, it's everything you need to keep little minds and hands entertained--pages on pages of games, crafts, recipes, experiments, projects, jokes, songs, guides, skills, tricks, hacks, challenges, and everything else in the canon of kid. Follow the step-by-step instructions and illustrations to create a game wherever you are and with whatever you have--swing a pendulum, launch a parachute, shoot a confetti cannon, or throw a boomerang. Tie a square knot or untangle a human knot. Make an egg you can float, bounce, or keep forever. The hardcover book looks stunning on the shelf, toy chest, and coffee table, but will be well-loved by kids everywhere.

"This breezy compendium of simple ideas for solitary and group entertainment offers something for nearly everyone...an appealing reprieve from screens for families dealing with travel, rainy days, or simply needing to redirect attention...cheerfully designed and clearly presented...lots of great possibilities for fending off boredom." --Kirkus Reviews

Publication Date: 
October 11, 2022