5 Cherries

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A mother gives her two children five cherries each. One is excited; the other a little disappointed. Only five cherries? But wait, says the first. Let's pretend I eat them all at once. Let's pretend I don't, says the other. Let's pretend I cure my patients with special medicine. Let's pretend I'm a jester and make people laugh. One is a girl, one a boy, but they become hard to identify as the game goes on and their play becomes deeper and more revealing.

Vittoria Facchini was born in Molfetta, Italy. After studying architecture at Bari Art School, Vittoria went to Florence for Graphic Design. Later, she went on to study illustration with Emanuele Luzzati in Venice. In 1997, having worked for many years in advertising, Vittoria began to illustrate books for children.

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