Adventure Time: Marceline

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Adventure Time: Marceline
A compilation of the most memorable and important Marceline-centric Adventure Time stories published by BOOM! Studios.

It's Adventure Time with Marceline and you! Join Marceline the Vampire Queen on a rocking tour throughout all her best adventures in the Land of Ooo. From going with Princess Bubblegum on a band tour with the Scream Queens, to derby racing across the Ice Kingdom, to banding together with Finn and Jake to fight her monstrous dad Hunson Abadeer, Adventure Time(TM) Marceline collects all the stories that make the Eisner Award-winning series perfect for fans of all ages.

Join an all-star cast of creators, including Faith Erin Hicks (Buffy: The High School Years), Hanna K (Adventure Time(TM) Storyboarder), S.M. Vidaurri (Steven Universe(TM) Harmony), Aatmaja Pandya (Elements: Fire), Jorge Monlongo (Over the Garden Wall(TM) Hollow Town), and more in this timeless collection of Marceline's greatest Adventure Time(TM) stories.

Publication Date: 
October 29, 2019