In tandem with our thoughtful content creation work, such as publishing and podcasting, and offering our book expertise via consultation services, the Co-op is pleased to begin offering advertising opportunities with organizations that align with our values, as well as paid content to supplement our extensive array of cost-free offerings. 


Through our newsletter, digital catalogues, podcast, and website, our original content reaches thousands of readers per week, with open-rate well above industry average. Our podcast, Open Stacks, was downloaded 14,583 of times in the past year, though we hadn’t put out a single episode. In short, we reach a wide and well-read audience who actively seek smart, informed cultural content. We will open up advertising opportunities to publishers, cultural institutions, educational organizations, and other groups who share our commitment to rigor and inquiry in order to monetize the careful and considered work we do as booksellers. 

For more information on advertising opportunities, please email

Paid Content

We are also exploring paid content platforms, like Substack and Patreon, in order to offer a wealth of materials--from hundreds of recorded author events and interviews to reflections on the state of the book world--to audiences who are invested in the literary health of their communities. We look forward to announcing more soon.