Advice from the Principal's Desk

Advice from the Principal's Desk

An insightful and original take on educational leadership

Advice from the Principal's Desk: 5 Pillars of School Leadership is a fresh, new take on school leadership from award-winning former school administrator and professor of education Dr. David Franklin. In the book, you'll find the tools and strategies that veteran school administrators need to succeed in their roles. You'll learn how to increase attendance and parental involvement in student affairs, minimize suspension, navigate budget cuts, and more.

The author explores five key areas that school leaders cannot neglect and examines how busy school leaders should spend their extremely limited time. You'll also discover:

  • Strategies you can deploy to best support your students and other stakeholders
  • How to navigate the often-conflicting demands of parents, teacher unions, and governing bodies
  • How to best use and implement technology to support your work and create a positive and productive school environment
  • An ideal resource for current and aspiring K-12 principals and school administrators, Advice from the Principal's Desk is packed with the research, real-world examples, and practical techniques that education professionals need to improve the results of their leadership.

    Publication Date: 
    November 22, 2023