After the Great Divide:Modernism, Mass Culture, Postmodernism

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One of the most comprehensive and intelligent postmodern critics of art and literature, Huyssen collects here a series of his essays on pomo... " --Village Voice Literary Supplement

... his work remains alert to the problematic relationship obtaining between marxisms and poststructuralisms." --American Literary History

... challenging and astute." --World Literature Today

Huyssen's level-headed account of this controversial constellation of critical voices brings welcome clarification to today's murky haze of cultural discussion and proves definitively that commentary from the tradition of the German Left has an indispensable role to play in contemporary criticism." --The German Quarterly

... we will certainly have, after reading this book, a deeper understanding of the forces that have led up to the present and of the possibilities still open to us." --Critical Texts

... a rich, multifaceted study." --The Year's Work in English Studies

Huyssen argues that postmodernism cannot be regarded as a radical break with the past, as it is deeply indebted to that other trend within the culture of modernity--the historical avant-garde.

Publication Date: 
February 22, 1987