From A to A:Keywords of Markup

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From A to A:Keywords of Markup
As it becomes impossible to imagine a world without a World Wide Web, information organization, delivery, and production have converged on the simple principle of marking up information for given audiences.
From A to investigates the relationship between media and culture by articulating questions regarding the role of markup. How do the codes of HTML, CSS, PHP, and other markup languages affect the Web's everyday uses? How do these languages shape the Web's communicative functions? This novel inquiry positions markup as the basis of our cultural, rhetorical, and communicative understanding of the Web.
Contributors: Sarah J. Arroyo, CSU Long Beach; Jennifer L. Bay, Purdue U; Helen J. Burgess, U of Maryland, Baltimore County; Michelle Glaros, Centenary College of Louisiana; Matthew K. Gold, NYCC of Technology; Cynthia Haynes, Clemson U; Rudy McDaniel, U of Central Florida; Colleen A. Reilly, UNC, Wilmington; Thomas Rickert, Purdue U; Brendan Riley, Columbia College Chicago; Sae Lynne Schatz, U of Central Florida; Bob Whipple, Creighton U; Brian Willems, U of Split, Croatia.
Publication Date: 
November 29, 2010