America Latina

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America Latina
Distributed on behalf of the Fondation Cartier, Paris

Bringing together more than seventy artists from eleven different countries, América Latina 1960- 2013 shows great diversity in photographic practices by presenting the work of Latin American photographers from the 1960s to today who appropriate the medium in different ways. This unique presentation will provide the reader with the opportunity to delve into the history of the continent and to rediscover the works of major artists rarely exhibited in Europe.

The exhibition América Latina will cover the period from 1960--the year following the Cuban revolution--to today. In many Latin American countries, this period has been marked by political and economic instability, and has seen a succession of revolutionary movements and repressive military regimes, the emergence of guerrilla movements, as well as transitions toward democracy. During the era covered by the exhibition, many Latin American artists increasingly sought to escape media specificity by bringing texts and photographic images together in their work.

Including over 400 black-and-white and color reproductions, this accompanying catalog explores the wealth of photographic work while shedding light on the historical and artistic context that spawned it. In addition to scholarly texts and artist bios, descriptions of works and a detailed timeline provide a deeper understanding of the visual languages specific to the continent.
Publication Date: 
May 20, 2014