The American Heritage Essential Student Thesaurus, Fourth Edition

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Now expanded with more quotations, this thesaurus makes it even easier to find the right word for every occasion.

The American Heritage(R) Essential Student Thesaurus, Fourth Edition, is an at-a-glance writing aid and vocabulary builder. Drawing on revisions made for the fifth edition of its renowned companion The American Heritage(R) Dictionary of the English Language, this thesaurus presents more than 300 entries and 1,200 synonyms in a clear A-to-Z format. With paragraph-style writing to help readers differentiate synonyms, this book is ideal for students (ages 12 and up) and English language learners. An example sentence or quotation illustrates every synonym. Many entries go into greater detail, explaining nuances that distinguish related words. The quotations show synonyms in literary contexts, a feature that has been expanded for this edition. New quotations from contemporary usage include public figures such as Barack Obama, acclaimed writers such as Maya Angelou, and popular authors such as Suzanne Collins and Neil Gaiman.
Publication Date: 
March 8, 2016