American Short Story Masterpieces

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American Short Story Masterpieces
This highly acclaimed collection of short stories by American writers contains only the best literary art of the past four decades.

Editors Raymond Carver and Tom Jenks have selected fiction that "tells a story"-and tells it with a masterful handling of language, situation, and insight.

But what is so special about this volume is that it mirrors our age, our concerns, and our lives. Whether it's the end of a marriage, as in Bobbie Ann Manson's "Shiloh," or the struggle with self-esteem and weight in Andre Dubus's "The Fat Girl," the 36 works included her probe issues that give us that "shock of recognition" that is the hallmark of great art--wonderful, absorbing fiction that will be read and reread for decades to come.

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Publication Date: 
April 19, 1989