The Amoeba Sisters' Cartoon Guide to Biology

The Amoeba Sisters' Cartoon Guide to Biology
Join The Amoeba Sisters in this Fun Science Book for Kids (Ages 14-16)

Biology doesn't have to be hard. With The Amoeba Sisters, teachers and students alike can learn basic concepts of biology through easy-to-learn mnemonics, illustrations, comparisons, and so much more!

This isn't your basic biology book. Over 1 million people have tuned into The Amoeba Sisters YouTube channel to learn science and biology facts in a whole new way. In their debut science book for kids, you can dive deeper into biology concepts that may have felt baffling before. You'll learn essential science concepts through a journey filled with colorful illustrations, mnemonic devices, real-life explanations and comparisons that you and your teens can easily understand.

Teaching biology in a whole new way. Most science books for kids are text-heavy and read like typical school textbooks. With this biology book, not only can your teen learn everything they need to learn about biology, but parents and teachers alike can also find new ways to teach this ever-intimidating subject.

Inside The Amoeba Sisters' Tour Through Biology, you'll find:

  • Explanations for basic biological concepts and why they're important
  • Illustrations and mnemonic devices that even teachers would find helpful
  • 28 concepts, including as enzymes, DNA structures, photosynthesis and so much more
  • If you liked science books for kids like The Ultimate Book of Planet Earth, Life Cycles, or The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth, you'll love The Amoeba Sisters' Tour Through Biology.

    Publication Date: 
    May 9, 2023