Analytical Family Demography

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Analytical Family Demography

1. Robert Schoen: Introduction.- Part One: Analyzing Theories of Family Demography: 2. Elwood Carlson: Reformulating Second Demographic Transition Theory.- 3. Máire Ní Bhrolcháin and Éva Beaujouan: Do people have reproductive goals? Constructive preferences and the discovery of desired family size.- 4. Benoît Laplante, Joice Melo Vieira, and Graziela Cristina Farina Ramos Ribeiro Barnabé Consensual union and marriage in Brazil, 1970-2010: Gender equality, legal issues, and social context.- Part Two: At the Analytical Frontier: 5. Nicola Barban and Maria Sironi: Sequence analysis as a tool for family demography.- 6. André Grow and Jan Van Bavel: Agent-based modeling of family formation and dissolution.- 7. Rhiannon A. Kroeger and Daniel A. Powers: Examining same-sex couples using dyadic data methods.- Part Three: Analytical Applications: 8. Robert Schoen: Parity progression and the kinship network.- 9. Robert Schoen: On the implications of age-specific fertility for sibships and birth spacing.- 10. J. Bart Stykes and Karen Benjamin Guzzo: Multiple-partner fertility: Variation across measurement approaches.- 11. Richard Gisser and Dalkhat Ediev: Having ancestors alive: Trends and prospects in ageing Europe.- Part Four: Analytical Overviews: 12. Nico Keilman: Family projection methods: A review.- 13. Daniel T. Lichter and Zhenchao Qian: The study of assortative mating: Theory, data, and analysis.

Publication Date: 
September 24, 2018