The Ancient near East:Historical Sources in Translation

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This book presents new translations of Mesopotamian and ancientNear Eastern historiographic texts, providing the reader with theprimary sources for the history of the ancient Near East.

  • A primary source book presenting new translations ofMesopotamian and ancient Near Eastern historiographic texts, andother related materials.
  • Helps readers to understand the historical context of the NearEast.
  • Covers the period from the earliest historical and literarytexts (c.2700 B.C.) to the latest Hellenistic historians whocomment on ancient Near Eastern history (c.250 B.C.)
  • Texts range from the code of Hammurabi to the Assyrian royalinscriptions.
  • A detailed commentary is provided on each text, placing it inits historical and cultural context.
  • Maps, illustrations and a chronological table help to orientatethe reader.
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    July 1, 2006