Andre le Notre in Perspective

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A beautifully illustrated investigation of the life, work, and legacy of the great 17th-century landscape and garden designer
Andre Le Notre (1613 1700), principal gardener to Louis XIV, was France s greatest landscape and garden designer. The parks created by him at Vaux-le-Vicomte and Versailles are the supreme examples of the French 17th-century style of garden design. He was responsible also for the central pathway through the Tuileries, which became the grand axis of Paris running to the Arc de Triomphe and on to La Defense.
This magnificent book sheds new light on the royal gardener s life and his practice as a landscape architect, engineer and art collector, and examines the legacy of his influence. It highlights his major achievements and enhances our understanding of the French formal-garden model. Le Notre s output is re-examined in terms of its social and cultural contexts; its artistic, technological, material and spatial components; and the dissemination of his ideas. The book contains illustrations of both original documents and the majority of extant drawings by Le Notre and his collaborators. Comprehensive and impeccably researched, "Andre Le Notre in Perspective" brings together the scholarship of some of the world s leading experts in early-modern art, gardens and allied fields."
Publication Date: 
February 4, 2014