Andy Warhol : The Life Years 1949-1959

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In recent years, an extensive collection of drawings was discovered in Andy Warhol s estate. Dating from the 1950s, the artist s early years in New York, the drawings took as their inspiration magazine photographs and illustrations many from "LIFE" magazine and provide further insight into Warhol s unique working method.
"Andy Warhol: The LIFE Years 1949 1959" publishes a selection of these newly discovered drawings alongside the original photographs and illustrations. Drawing was an important part of Warhol s early practice, and he was particularly inspired by the rich visual language found in "LIFE "and its contemporaries. Many of his drawings were copied with his trademark blotted line technique, a basic method of printmaking in which Warhol traced projected photographic images onto paper and then blotting the inked figures to create variations on a theme.
Presenting more than one hundred of the finest of these drawings, including many that have never before been published, the book also offers an informative and accessible discussion of Warhol s working method and the cultural setting in which he created the drawings."
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