An Angel's Touch

An Angel's Touch
Don and Cathy Angel have never been apart since that fateful day they met in college. Now in their thirties and pursuing demanding careers in New York City, the two have only grown more closely entwined. Until tragedy strikes . . .
When a hurtling train strikes the couple s car on a snowy Christmas Eve, Cathy and Don find themselves looking down at their mangled gray Beamer and their own bodies inside. Neither fully in this world or the next, they learn that in order to move on, they must perform six miracles before midnight. But with no experience in the field of divine intervention, both are convinced their mission can only end in disaster . . .
But on this sparkling, silent night, these two reluctant angels will discover that there is no greater gift than the one we are all blessed to give: the gift of love . . .
Brimming with all the humor, sadness, joy and infinite possibilities of life, this is a poignant novel of heaven and earth and all the wondrous places in between.
Heather Graham sparkles! Kat Martin, New York Times bestselling author

An incredible storyteller.
Los Angeles Daily News

Mass Market Paperbound
Publication Date: 
September 26, 2017