Asian American Plays for a New Generation

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Asian American Plays for a New Generation
Asian American plays provide an opportunity to think about how racial issues are engaged through theatrical performanceophysical contact, bodily labour, and fleshly desireoas well as through the more standard elements of plot, setting, characterization, staging, music, and action. Other Spaces of Asian America showcases seven exciting new plays that dramatize timely themes that are familiar to Asian Americans. The works variously address immigration, racism, stereotyping, identity, generational tensions, assimilation, and upward mobility as well as post-9/11 paranoia, racial isolation, and adoptee experiences. Each of these works engages directly and actively with Asian American themes through performance to provide an important starting point for building relationships, raising political awareness, and creating active communities that can foster a sense of connection or even rally individuals to collective action.
Publication Date: 
May 27, 2011