An Atlas of Recycled Landscapes

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Through a comprehensive examination of a number of international architectural projects, this book offers a compelling new perspective on modern living and contemporary architecture. As populations grow, where and how we live is a major concern. Very often architects address the issue of housing, and converting spaces is normally a more satisfactory solution than building from scratch. This volume examines repurposed sites, reclaimed quarries, former landfills, unused spaces that have been recognized in the last twenty years as potential venues for the development of new social, economic, and environmental assets. A selection of "recycled" projects from various parts of the world provides a map of the state of the art internationally, describing what has been achieved to date and opening a window onto possible scenarios for the future. In addition to the many images and references, a brief study illustrates the project methodologies in order to provide fundamental guidelines for planning and design.

Numerous projects from all over the world.

North American projects include:

Fresh Kills Park, Staten Island, NY

Kam Kotia KKM Robb Township, Ontario, Canada

AMD&ART's Vintondale Project, Vintondale, Pennsylvania

Gas Works Parks, Seattle, Washington

High line, New York

Northside Park Denver, Colorado

Alumnae Valley Landscape Restoration, Wellesley, Massachusetts

Urban Outfitters Headquarters, Philadelphia Navy Yard, Pennsylvania

Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, Washington

and many more from all over the world.

Publication Date: 
October 21, 2014