The Baburnama

The Baburnama
"If you only read one autobiography from a sensitive 16th-century warlord this year, make it this one." --The New York Times

A hardcover edition of the colorful memoirs of Babur--founder and first emperor of the Mughal dynasty--that is "justly considered a masterpiece" (The Wall Street Journal).

Zahiru'd-din Muhamad Babur (1483-1530), a poet-prince from Central Asia, was the author of one of the most remarkable autobiographies in world literature. The Babur Nama reveals him as not only a military genius but also a ruler unusually magnanimous for his time, cultured, witty, and possessing a talent for poetry, an adventurous spirit, and an acute eye for natural beauty.

Babur ascended the throne of Fergana, in what is now Uzbekistan, when he was twelve years old. He eventually invaded India and founded the Mughal dynasty, which would dazzle the world for three centuries. Babur left behind a detailed and colorful record of his life, written in simple and unpretentious prose, that has fascinated readers for hundreds of years. But his self-portrait goes beyond the events of a dramatic life; on the page, his restless energy and ambition are balanced by modesty, regret for his failures, and frankness about his experiences with depression and grief in response to tragedy. The Babur Nama is both a lively chronicle of extraordinary historical events and a deeply personal memoir whose unusual honesty and sensitivity has given it enduring appeal.

Publication Date: 
November 3, 2020