Ballroom! : Obsession and Passion inside the World of Competitive Dance

Ballroom! : Obsession and Passion inside the World of Competitive Dance
"Gorgeous lines, exquisite beauty, and drama delight--and that is just in the dressing room. . . . Ballroom! takes the reader on an extraordinary journey moving with Sharon in and through her competitions and life as a performer. A great read and a glorious ride."--Dance Track Magazine "Offers an enlightening inside view of the politics, biases, stresses, and strategies that characterize the competitive ballroom dance scene. . . . Terps of all stripes will relate to Savoy's struggles with partners, costumes, the development of choreographic ideas, musical choices, performance mishaps, and the extreme discipline required of professionals in all forms of dance."--Backstage "Originally trained as a professional ballet dancer under George Balanchine of the prestigious School of American Ballet, Savoy segued into the world of ballroom dancing after being sidelined with an ankle injury, and she never looked back."--For the Love of Books "An incredible story of what it takes to make it in our world of glitz and glamor. . . . Through reading this book, people will see dancers in a new light."--Elena Grinenko, World and National Champion "Reminds us all that passion and dedication will attract the circumstances and guidance necessary to see a heartfelt desire come true."--Denis Tremblay, two-time winner, Blackpool Dance Festival, British Professional Rising Star Latin Championships "A great story, told with emotion."--John Kimmins, founder, National Dance Council of America
Publication Date: 
April 15, 2014