Becoming the Parent You Want to Be

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Becoming the Parent You Want to Be
Informative, inspiring, and enlightening, "Becoming the Parent You Want toBe" provides parents with the building blocks they need to discover theirown parenting philosophy and develop effective parenting strategies. Throughin-depth information, practical suggestions, and many lively first-personstories, the authors address the many dilemmas and joys that the parent ofyoung children encounter and demonstrate a range of solutions to the majorissues that arise in the raising of babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Full ofwarmth, clarity, humor, and respect, "Becoming the Parent You Want to Be" gives parents permission to be human: to question, to learn, to makemistakes, to struggle and to grow, and, most of all, to have fun with theirchildren.

A Sourcebook of Strategies for the First Five Years.

"Laura Davis and Janis Keyser provide straightforward approaches to theeveryday questions and struggles faced by parents, and even answer questionsyou might have been afraid to ask. They speak respectfully to all types offamilies, offering insights and tools that really work. A great practical andreadable resource. I highly recommend it."
--Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, author of "Raising Your Spirited Child"

"This unusually thorough book provides today's parents with rich andabundant enormously helpful resource."
--Polly Berrien Berends, author of "Whole Child, Whole Parent; Gently Lead; " and "Coming to Life"

Publication Date: 
February 3, 1997