The Best American Essays 2023

The Best American Essays 2023

In her introduction to this year's The Best American Essays, guest editor Vivian Gornick states that her selections "contribute materially to the long and honorable history of the personal essay by way of the value they place on lived experience." Provocative, daring, and honest at a time when many writers are deliberately silencing themselves in the face of authoritarian and populist censorship movements, the twenty-one essays collected here reflect their authors' unapologetic observations of the world around them. From an inmate struggling to find purpose during his prison sentence to a doctor coping with the unpredictable nature of her patient, to a widow wishing for just a little more time with her late husband, these narratives--and the others featured in this anthology--celebrate the endurance of the human spirit.

The Best American Essays 2023 includes Ciara Alfaro - Jillian Barnet - Sylvie Baumgartel - Eric Borsuk - Chris Dennis - Xujun Eberlein - Sandra Hager Eliason - George Estreich - Merrill Joan Gerber - Debra Gwartney - Edward Hoagland - Laura Kipnis - Phillip Lopate - Celeste Marcus - Sam Meekings - Sigrid Nunez - Kathryn Schulz - Anthony Siegel - Scott Spencer - Angelique Stevens - David Treuer

Publication Date: 
October 17, 2023