Best Kids' Jokes Ever! Volume 1

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Best Kids' Jokes Ever! Volume 1
365 sidesplitting jokes for budding comedians! Curated by the editors of Highlights, this uproarious humor collection features wholesome jokes the whole family can enjoy. Kids ages 6-9 love jokes--reading them, learning them and sharing them--and this collection of jokes and riddles is guaranteed to bring them hours of laugh-out-loud fun.

What does a duck eat with soup? Quackers, of course! This humor collection will keep jokesters entertained with age-appropriate jokes in a wide range of kid-friendly topics like animals, school, travel and food. Fun black-and-white cartoons add to the 128 pages of silliness.

Joke books encourage kids to read for fun and provide screen-free entertainment for road trips, rainy days and more--a great option for reluctant readers! Plus, sharing jokes with friends and family isn't just fun; wordplay found in jokes and riddles boosts young readers' language skills. Telling jokes also helps kids build confidence and social-emotional skills to help them succeed in school.

Publication Date: 
July 17, 2018