The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Four

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Thrilling, smart, and brilliant short science fiction from Simone Heller, Ken Liu, Ian McDonald, and many more.

A human detective and their partner, an enhanced chimpanzee, investigate a strange murder on the subway . . . a smart home goes into lockdown, turning a man's own home into his prison . . . at a robot factory, something has caused the machines to attempt to escape . . . mysterious seeds raining down from deep space could be the first sign of an alien invasion . . . a woman seeks to restore a broken AI, hoping it can help return humanity to better days . . .

For decades, science fiction has compelled us to imagine futures both inspiring and cautionary. Whether it's a warning message from a survey ship, a harrowing journey to a new world, or the adventures of well-meaning AI, science fiction inspires the imagination and delivers a lens through which we can view ourselves and the world around us. With

The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Four, award-winning editor Neil Clarke provides a year-in-review and twenty-nine of the best stories published by both new and established authors in 2018:

  • When We Were Starless--Simone Heller
  • Intervention--Kelly Robson
  • All the Time We've Left to Spend--Alyssa Wong
  • Domestic Violence--Madeline Ashby
  • Ten Landscapes of Nili Fossae--Ian McDonald
  • Prophet of the Roads--Naomi Kritzer
  • Traces of Us--Vanessa Fogg
  • Theories of Flight--Linda Nagata
  • Lab B-15--Nick Wolven
  • Requiem--Vandana Singh
  • Sour Milk Girls--Erin Roberts
  • Mother Tongues--S. Qiouyi Lu
  • Singles' Day--Samantha Murray
  • Nine Last Days on Planet Earth--Daryl Gregory
  • The Buried Giant--Lavie Tidhar
  • The Anchorite Wakes--R.S.A. Garcia
  • Entropy War--Yoon Ha Lee
  • An Equation of State--Robert Reed
  • Quantifying Trust--John Chu
  • Hard Mary--Sofia Samatar
  • Freezing Rain, a Chance of Falling--L.X. Beckett
  • Okay, Glory--Elizabeth Bear
  • Heavy Lifting--A.T. Greenblatt
  • Lions and Gazelles--Hannu Rajaniemi
  • Different Seas--Alastair Reynolds
  • Among the Water Buffaloes, a Tiger's Steps--Aliette de Bodard
  • Byzantine Empathy--Ken Liu
  • Meat and Salt and Sparks--Rich Larson
  • Umbernight--Carolyn Ives Gilman
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    July 2, 2019