First published in French in 1990, Between-the-Images unites 20 illustrated essays written between 1981 and 1989 by Raymond Bellour (born 1939), one of the world's most prominent film theorists. Bellour writes in his foreword to this English edition: "Between-the-Images, which was innovative yesterday, is now a kind of archeological corpus. That is one of its virtues. It recalls how the landscape of the moving image was constituted and historicizes the first creative passages between film, video and photography." Considering the works and strategies of artists and filmmakers such as Chantal Akerman, Jean Eustache, Jean-Luc Godard, Thierry Kuntzel, Chris Marker and Bill Viola, Bellour shows how film looks at painting and how language inspires images. At once poetic and concisely argued, and accompanied by numerous film stills, Bellour's now-classic essays are invaluable and still relevant today.
Publication Date: 
January 31, 2013