B.F.F.: A Memoir of Friendship Lost and Found

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B.F.F.: A Memoir of Friendship Lost and Found
* "A love story about the miracle of friendship." --Maggie Smith * "Fearless and unflinching." --Pittsburgh Post-Gazette *

From the author of Group, a New York Times bestseller and Reese's Book Club Pick, a poignant, funny, and emotionally satisfying memoir about Christie Tate's lifelong struggle to sustain female friendship, and the extraordinary friend who changed everything.

After more than a decade of dead-end dates and dysfunctional relationships, Christie Tate has reclaimed her voice and settled down. Her days of agonizing in group therapy over guys who won't commit are over, the grueling emotional work required to attach to another person tucked neatly into the past.

Or so she thought. Weeks after giddily sharing stories of her new boyfriend at Saturday morning recovery meetings, Christie receives a gift from a friend. Meredith, twenty years older and always impeccably accessorized, gives Christie a box of holiday-themed scarves as well as a gentle suggestion: maybe now is the perfect time to examine why friendships give her trouble. "The work never ends, right?" she says with a wink.

Christie isn't so sure, but she soon realizes that the feeling of "apartness" that has plagued her since childhood isn't magically going away now that she's in a healthy romantic relationship. With Meredith by her side, she embarks on a brutally honest exploration of her friendships past and present, sorting through the ways that debilitating shame and jealousy have kept the lasting bonds she craves out of reach--and how she can overcome a history of letting go too soon.

"An outstanding portrait of self-excavation" (Publishers Weekly, starred review), BFF explores what happens when we finally break the habits that impair our ability to connect with others, and the ways that one life--however messy and imperfect--can change another.

Publication Date: 
February 7, 2023

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