The Bilingualism Reader

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The Bilingualism Reader

The Bilingualism Reader is the definitive reader for the study of bilingualism. Designed as an integrated and structured student resource it provides invaluable editorial material that guides the reader through different sections and covers:

  • definitions and typology of bilingualism
  • language choice and bilingual interaction
  • bilingualism, identity and ideology
  • grammar of code-switching and bilingual acquisition
  • bilingual production and perception
  • the bilingual brain
  • methodological issues in the study of bilingualism.
  • The second edition of this best selling volume includes nine new chapters and postscripts written by the authors of the original articles, who evaluate them in the light of recent research. Critical discussion of research methods, revised graded study questions and activities, a comprehensive glossary, and an up-to-date resource list make The Bilingualism Reader an essential introductory text for students of linguistics, psychology and education.

    Publication Date: 
    February 20, 2007