Bizarro Worlds : Jonathan Lethem's the Fortress of Solitude

Bizarro Worlds : Jonathan Lethem's the Fortress of Solitude
Is gentrification the supervillain of our time?

Literary Nonfiction. As a black woman and a comics geek, Stacie Williams identified strongly with one aspect of The Fortress of Solitude--its portrayal of gentrification. For Jonathan Lethem's characters, and for Williams in her own life, gentrification is a stand-in for racism--the Big Bad that affects education, policing, and housing policy. Tracing her experience of living in Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Lexington, Kentucky, Williams tests the limits of how far Lethem's superhero narrative frames the most American of experiences. This is part of Fiction Advocate's Afterwords series.

I want to read this.--Jonathan Lethem

Made me think more deeply about where I live and why.--Laura Maylene Walter

Publication Date: 
November 20, 2018

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