Black and Reformed : Apartheid, Liberation, and the Calvinist Tradition

Black and Reformed : Apartheid, Liberation, and the Calvinist Tradition
These essays represent a forceful, relentless engagement with the political, social, economic, and theological pillars upon which South African apartheid rested. In the renewed struggles against global apartheid, Boesak's writings, in their theological grounding and with their social and political challenge, come across as alive, relevant, and powerful as they were in the struggle against South African apartheid, offering valuable insights and lessons for ongoing justice struggles today. ""These are groundbreaking essays. Allan Boesak not only courageously exposes the racism which has for so long disguised itself in Calvinist garb; he also respectfully points the way to a revitalizing reformed Christianity. Black and Reformed is a must-read for all who care about the continuing reformation of the church."" --Richard J. Mouw, Former President, Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA ""When Allan Boesak returned Calvinism to its biblical and liberating roots, he launched a revolution that led to the dismantling and demise of South Africa's racist apartheid theology."" --Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Executive Director, Community Renewal Society, Chicago, IL ""Black and Reformed is the only treatise that lucidly reasons that one can be Calvinistic while embracing liberation theology."" --J. Alfred Smith Sr., Professor Emeritus, American Baptist Seminary of the West, Berkeley, CA Allan A. Boesak received his PhD in Theology from the Protestant Theological University (Netherlands) in 1976, the same year of the Soweto Uprisings which marks his entry into public life in South Africa. As President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches he called for the formation of the United Democratic Front to advance the anti-apartheid movement in 1983. He has written seventeen books and has received numerous awards, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award. He now holds the Desmond Tutu Chair for Peace, Global Justice and Reconciliation Studies at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis.
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July 14, 2015