Black Scholarship in a White Academy

Black Scholarship in a White Academy

Examines the experience of Black scholarship and faculty in predominantly White academic spaces.

While research has emphasized the importance of a diverse faculty, higher education has done little to bring this goal to fruition. The hidden politics at play during the traditional tenure and promotion process represent a significant obstacle to the advancement of Black faculty. While research productivity is the cornerstone of a successful tenure and promotion case at most universities and colleges, Black faculty are more likely to be tasked with extra service activities, which constrains time for research. Many Black faculty are also community-conscious scholars dedicated to conducting research to help uplift their communities, which may not be seen as credible or as valuable in the tenure and promotion process.

Edited by Robert T. Palmer, Alonzo M. Flowers III, and Sosanya Jones, Black Scholarship in a White Academy offers important perspectives on how Black faculty and their scholarship have been historically devalued within the academy, particularly in predominantly White academic spaces. Using anti-Blackness theory as a framework, contributors discuss how White hegemony operates to undervalue and obstruct Black scholarship and faculty. Covering such diverse topics as navigating the tenure process, building Black spaces for inclusion, and exploring the intersection of Blackness and disability in higher education, this book presents ways Black faculty can navigate and challenge systemic racism and racist toxicity within their institutions.

Contributors: Fred A. Bonner II, NiCole T. Buchanan, Sheron Fraser-Burgess, Beverly-Jean M. Daniel, Kristie Dotson, Antonio L. Ellis, Edward C. Fletcher Jr., Alonzo M. Flowers III, Donna Y. Ford, H. Bernard Hall, Erik M. Hines, Martinque K. Jones, Sosanya Jones, Nicole Johnson, Chad E. Kee, aretha f. marbley, James L. Moore III, Robert T. Palmer, Stella L. Smith, Isis H. Settles, Terrell L. Strayhorn, Katrina Struloeff, Blanca Elizabeth Vega, Larry J. Walker, Brian L. Wright

Publication Date: 
November 7, 2023