January 14th, 2018

Winter is well-underway and for some of us this means the height of depression and deepened anxiety. This week on Open Stacks, Resmaa Menakem, Andrea Petersen, and Yael Shy speak about mental wellness and unwellness, and offer tools for coping.


While Colin did a fantastic reading of Sexton's "Wanting to Die," here is the poet herself:

Yael Shy's book is written for people...

Open Stacks Podcast
January 14th, 2018

What are you drawn to like, to watch, or even to binge? What are you free to consume, and what do you become through consumption? These questions of desire and value, Kathryn Lofton argues, are questions for the study of religion. In eleven essays exploring soap and office cubicles, Britney Spears and the Kardashians, corporate culture and Goldman Sachs, Lofton shows the conceptual levers of religion in thinking about social modes...
January 7th, 2018

Welcome back from our winter break, and welcome to 2018 with Open Stacks! This week on the show, empires are falling. Alfred McCoy talks In the Shadows of the American Century and Mike Duncan recalls Rome and his book The Storm Before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic

Destruction, from Thomas Cole's The Course of Empire...

Open Stacks Podcast
January 3rd, 2018

Inspired in part by the woman who made history as India’s first female attorney, The Widows of Malabar Hill is a richly wrought story of multicultural 1920s Bombay as well as the debut of a sharp and promising new sleuth. Sujata Massey will discuss The Widows of Malabar Hill...

January 2nd, 2018

Melvin A. Goodman served as a senior analyst and Division Chief at the CIA from 1966 to 1990. An expert on U.S. relations with Russia, his writing has appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, Harper, and many others. He is author of six books on US intelligence and international security. Mel Goodman will discuss Whistleblower at the CIA: An Insider's Account of the Politics of Intelligence on Monday 1/8, 6pm at the Co-op....

Reading Is Critical
December 17th, 2017

 This holiday season on Open Stacks, we share stories of migration and displacement.

Poet David Ferry reads from his translation of Vergil's Aeneid. Poets Mai Der Vang, Emily Yoon, and Zhou Sivan share stories of conflict and migration. José Ángel N. & Erika L. Sanchez discuss the immigrant experience.

Stop by 57th Street Books for our free poetry gumball machine, which includes poems from Ferry and others.


Open Stacks Podcast
December 10th, 2017

This week, we explore modernist art and literature from Chicago to Paris to Tokyo.

Art critic Jed Perl talks about his new biography of Alexander Calder, Calder: The Conquest of Time. Liesl Olson shares revelations from Chicago Renaissance: Literature and Art in the Midwest Metropolis. Poet and translator Sho Sugita reads poems by Japanese futurist poet Hirato Renkichi.

The music from this episode is clipped from John Cage's Living Room Music, which you can hear in full here.

Below are his instructions for playing the piece. The lyrics are taken from Gertrude Stein's...

Open Stacks Podcast
December 7th, 2017

Lucy Biederman is a lecturer in English at Case Western Reserve University. She holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and an MFA in creative writing from George Mason University. Her first book, The Walmart Book of the Dead, won the 2017 Vine Leaves Press Vignette Award. She has written four chapbooks of poetry, and her short stories, essays, and poems have appeared recently in Bat City Review...

December 3rd, 2017

This week on Open Stacks, a celebration of recent releases from University of Chicago creative writing professors. Baird Harper reads from Red Light Run and Augustus Rose shares an excerpt from The Readymade Thief. Plus, a Seminary Co-op seasonal gift to our listeners: booksellers share from their favorite reads of 2017. 

Sontag with books, ready to engage in some reading, rapturous reading.

The Susan Sontag essay quoted in this episode originally appeared in the New York Times on December 18...

Open Stacks Podcast
November 30th, 2017

Excerpts from the Reading List: a feature of Poetry's Editor's Blog

Subscribe to Poetry magazine, the oldest monthly publication devoted to verse in the English-speaking world, at a special rate for friends of the Seminary Co-op. Click...
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