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December 19th, 2016

Haun Saussy is University Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago. His books include: The Problem of a Chinese Aesthetic (Stanford University Press), Great Walls of Discourse and Other Adventures in Cultural China (Harvard University Asia Center), The Ethnography of Rhythm: Orality and its...

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December 16th, 2016

Among the true joys of writing Out of the Wreck I Rise were the fantastic books we encountered during our research. Our book could only excerpt the briefest of each, though many deserve a full reading, not only for their perspective on recovery, but for their pure literary fire. Here are our 10 favorites, in no particular order:

1. Never Let Me Down, by Susan J. Miller. A scarifying tale of growing up in the household of a Jewish, jazz-loving heroin addict in the 1950s, this book bursts all clichés about addiction, while mapping, in heart-breaking detail, the cost that drug use inflicts on families.


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November 7th, 2016

Ken Vandermark at Seminary Co-op, Saturday, November 5, 2016.

Born in Warwick, Rhode Island on September 22nd, 1964, Ken Vandermark began studying the tenor saxophone at the age of 16. Since graduating with a degree in Film and Communications from McGill University during the spring of 1986, his primary creative emphasis has been the exploration of contemporary music that deals directly with advanced methods of improvisation. In 1989, he moved to Chicago from Boston, and has worked continuously from the early 1990’s onward, both as a performer and organizer in North America and Europe, recording in a large array of contexts, with many internationally renowned musicians (such as Fred Anderson, Ab Baars, Peter Brötzmann, Tim Daisy, Hamid Drake, Terrie Hessels, Mats Gustafsson, Elisabeth Harnik, Steve Heather, Didi Kern, Kent Kessler, Christof Kurzmann, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Paul Lytton, Lasse Marhaug, Joe McPhee, Andy Moor, Jason Moran, Joe Morris, Paal...

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October 30th, 2016

Ronald H. Fritze discusses Egyptomania: A History of Fascination, Obsession and Fantasy, Wednesday, November 16 at the Co-op. Details here

The subject of ancient Egypt is blessed with a huge number of excellent books (along with some mediocrities and pseudo-historical fantasies).  This list consisted of some of the books that I found the most informative and enjoyable. It begins with several overviews than a couple of classics followed...

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October 23rd, 2016

Carol S. Steiker and Jordan M. Steiker discuss Courting Death: The Supreme Court and Capital Punishment, Saturday, November 12 at the Co-op. Details here

The Death Penalty:  An American History, by Stuart Banner


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October 17th, 2016

E. Summerson Carr and Michael Lempter discuss Scale: Discourse and Dimensions of Social Life, Monday, October 17 at the Co-op. 

Appadurai, Arjun. 2006. Fear of Small Numbers: An Essay on the Geography of Anger.  Duke.

Boellstorff, Tom, Bill Maurer, Genevieve Bell, Melissa Gregg, and Nick Seaver. 2015. Data, Now Bigger and Better! Paradigm.

Helmreich, Stefan.  2009.  Alien Oceans: Anthropological Voyages in Microbial Seas.  California.

Latour, Bruno. 2005. Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory. Oxford.

Melville, Herman. 2015.  ...

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