February 11th, 2017

On the occasion of Raymond Smullyan's death, and in celebration of his many lives, from Co-op Director Jeff:

My father and I both adored Smullyan for different reasons -- I loved his books on philosophy and my father loved his logic puzzles. Today, he sent me Smullyan's New York Times obituary and a reflection. In reading the former, I discovered he was a UChicago alum (SB '55). Smullyan was 97, and lived a full life, but my dad was still mournful and reflective. As he noted below, he received so many hours of pleasure from Smullyan's books. That's true for both of us. 


I was amazed at the exquisite logic of those chess retrograde analyses, and I felt great joy of accomplishment on the rare occasions that I was able to solve one...