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September 5th, 2017

The New York Review Children's Collection is something of a lifeguard on the lookout for beloved children's classics that have fallen out of print. Besides their being (mostly) old, what qualities unite the series and how do those qualities fit in or challenge contemporary styles of children's literature?

Yes, our series consists of books we’ve known and loved, books our readers remember from their childhoods, the kinds of books you might find in an old country house or quiet branch library.

In order to appeal to a new generation of readers, we've reissued these classics in hardcover with our signature bright red cloth spine, new cover art, creative endpapers, and full color...
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February 11th, 2017

On the occasion of Raymond Smullyan's death, and in celebration of his many lives, from Co-op Director Jeff:

My father and I both adored Smullyan for different reasons -- I loved his books on philosophy and my father loved his logic puzzles. Today, he sent me Smullyan's New York Times obituary and a reflection. In reading the former, I discovered he was a UChicago alum (SB '55). Smullyan was 97, and lived a full life, but my dad was still mournful and reflective. As he noted below, he received so many hours of pleasure from Smullyan's books. That's true for both of us. 


I was amazed at the exquisite logic of those chess retrograde analyses, and I felt great joy of accomplishment on the rare occasions that I was able to solve one...

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