En tête-à-tête with French Lit

En tête-à-tête with French Lit is a hub of information and resources, pertaining to our French Corner and the Co-op series of events in French, launched in partnership with the University of Chicago Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and supported by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Chicago.
It is a project that aims to bring foreign authors, recently translated into English, to our community, and to feature books from our French Corner. This is a space where you will find interviews, thematic selections, and recommendations for foreign books in translation, as well as for books that are not translated into English language. 

October 31st, 2018


After a stellar reading and discussion of Small Country at 57th Street Books, Gaël told us a little bit about his favorite writer, Rene Depestre, and his novel Hadriana in All My Dreams.

Depestre's writing is infused with poetry, seamlessly moving from texts about revolt to texts about love and eroticism, all in a baroque language that flirts with the supernatural. Depestre is a rare author whose writing conveys a wide range of emotions, and Gaël warmly invites us to delve into his work.


October 23rd, 2018


Just a few minutes before her reading at the Co-op, Léonora Miano browsed through the shelves of our French Corner and picked up a book to share with us. She recommends the play Bajazet by Jean Racine, one of the greatest French dramatist of the 17th century, whose tragedies are written in a unique language, delicately woven in alexandrine.

You can enjoy the music of Racine’s language even if you don't speak French. Léonora recommends the following audio excerpt from the play -- ...