At All Costs: Dave Eggers, Dan Wells, Ann Kjellberg, & Paul Yamazaki

October 15th, 2021

On this episode, authors, publishers, editors and booksellers reflect on the value of their work, and what it takes to make a great bookstore thrive. Plus, an out-of-the-way reading list from our bookseller Mrittika: queer historical fiction... thrillers.

Dave Eggers is a novelist, founder of McSweeney's, and co-founder of 826 National. His latest novel, The Every, will initially available exclusively from independant bookstores like us (find out more about this special release here).

Dan Wells is the founder of the award winning publisher and bookstore Biblioasis.

Ann Kjellberg is an editor, publisher, writer, and translator, the literary executor of the estate of Joseph Brodsky, and the creator of the book culture newsletter Book Post. The Seminary Co-op is proud to be Book Post's Fall Partner, and you can hear more from Ann Kjellberg on this recent episode of Open Stacks.

Paul Yamazaki is the principal buyer at City Lights, where he has worked for over 50 years. You'll hear more from Paul on an upcoming episode.

Thanks to bookseller Fred for sharing his story about Catcher in the Rye and Moby Dick. If you'd like to send us a passage you love, or any reflections on your reading life, visit this link.

Open Stacks is produced by Jackson Roach and hosted by Alena Jones. This episode features music by Blue Dot Sessions and Loyalty Freak Music.

Find a complete list of every book mentioned in this episode below: