All That Is Evident Is Suspect: A Selected Bibliography

December 24th, 2018

All That Is Evident Is Suspect is the first collection in English to offer a life-size picture of the ouvroir de littérature potentielle in its historical and contemporary incarnations, and the first in any language to represent each of its (as of this printing) forty-one members. Combining fiction, poetry, essays and lectures, and never-published internal correspondence—along with the acrobatically constrained writing and complexly structured narratives that have become synonymous with oulipian practice—this volume shows a unique group of thinkers and artists at work and at play, meditating on and subverting the facts of life, love, and the group itself. It offers an unprecedentedly intimate and comprehensive glimpse at the breadth and diversity of one of world literature’s most vital and adventurous presences. Daniel Levin Becker will discuss All That Is Evident Is Suspect: Readings from the Oulipo, 1963-2018 on Saturday, December 29, 2018, at 6pm.

One Hundred Twenty-One Days, by Michèle Audin (tr. Christiana Hills)

The Imagined Land, by Eduardo Berti (tr. Charlotte Coombe)

Dictionary of Gestures, by François Caradec (tr. Chris Clarke)

Anquetil, Alone, by Paul Fournel (tr. Nick Caistor)

Not One Day, by Anne F. Garréta (tr. Emma Ramadan)

All Happy Families, by Hervé Le Tellier (tr. Adriana Hunter)

The Anarchist Who Shared My Name, by Pablo Martín Sánchez (tr. Jeff Diteman)

Wild Geese Returning, by Michèle Métail (tr. Jody Gladding)

Winter Journeys, by the Oulipo (tr. Ian Monk, Harry Mathews, & John Sturrock)

Paris-Math, by the Oulipo (tr. Ian Monk)

About the Author: Daniel Levin Becker is an American critic, editor, and translator who joined the Oulipo in 2009. He is the author of a book about the Oulipo, Many Subtle Channels: In Praise of Potential Literature, and has translated work by Georges Perec, Éric Chevillard, Thomas Clerc, and Paul Griffiths among others.