Columbia University Press / Ghazal XIII

April 30th, 2017

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"Ghazal XIII" from Ghazals of Ghalib: Version from the Urdu by Aijaz Ahmad, W.S. Merwin, Adrienne Rich, William Stafford, David Ray, Thomas Fitzsimmons, Mark Strand, William Hunt; Ed. by Aijaz Ahmad (1970) 

Where are (no more) those meetings, those separations!
No more those days and nights, months and years!
Who has the leisure to indulge in matters of love!
No more is the delight of beholding the beautiful things! 
It was from the imagination/vision of someone;
No more is the youth/grace of thought now!
Weeping (tears of) blood is not so easy;
No more is strength in the heart, stability in our condition!
Ghalib! my limbs are now feeble; 
No more is any balance/temperance/equilibrium in the elements! 
Form: Approximately seven syllabes to a line