Enhancing Life in a Digital Age: A Selected Bibliography

July 30th, 2017

A conference featuring 50+ presentations on how life can be enhanced. The 36 scholars presenting at the conference are experts in humanities, social sciences, and religious studies from around the world. They will be presenting research that they have been working on over the last two years as part of the Enhancing Life Project. This event is open to the public. See here for tickets, more information, and a detailed schedule. The Enhancing Life in a Digital Age lab will take place during Session O, Saturday, August 5, 4:00-5:10 pm.

Enhancing Life in A Digital Age: The aim of this laboratory is to capture and evaluate the most significant impacts of digitalization and media on economic, social, cultural and political life. These impacts may come with enhancements, but also with threats. These impacts include potentials and problems such as data/privacy protection and IT security concerns as well as phenomena such as “hate speech” on the internet; arti cial intelligence and “digital labour” (e.g. the impact of permanent [“enhanced”?] availability of employees on labor markets); the “echo chamber” or “filter bubble” effect (as a result of algorithm-based, personalized news streams in social networks, users can get separated from information which disagrees with his/her preferences and views); the use of “big data” applications in the health care sector and many more aspects. 


Menahem Blondheim, Communications, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Nick Couldry, Communications and Social Theory, London School of Economics, UK
Evelyn Finger, Senior Editor, DIE ZEIT, Germany
Christoph Krönke, Law, LM University Munich, Germany
Günter Thomas, Systematic Theology, Bochum University, Germany 

The following book list was compiled by conference organizers.

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