Evidence and Innovation in Housing Law and Policy: A Selected Bibliography

October 17th, 2017

No area of law and policy is more central to our well-being than housing, yet research on the topic is too often produced in disciplinary or methodological silos that fail to connect to policy on the ground. This pathbreaking book, which features leading scholars from a range of academic fields, cuts across disciplines to forge new connections in the discourse. In accessible prose filled with cutting-edge ideas, these scholars address topics ranging from the recent financial crisis to discrimination and gentrification and show how housing law and policy impacts household wealth, financial markets, urban landscapes, and local communities. Together, they harness evidence and theory to capture the 'state of play' in housing, generating insights that will be relevant to academics and policymakers alike. The Urban Readers Series presents Lior Strahilevitz, Amir Sufi, and Stephanie Stern on Evidence and Innovation in Housing Law and Policy, moderated by editor Lee Fennell, on Monday 10/23, 6pm at the Co-op.

Evicted, by Matthew Desmond
House of Debt, by Atif Mian and Amir Sufi
No Place Like Home, by Brian McCabe
The Unbounded Home, by Lee Anne Fennell
Sharing America's Neighborhoods, by Ingrid Gould Ellen
Zoning Rules! by William A. Fischel
The Subprime Virus, by Kathleen C. Engel and Patricia A. McCoy
Information and Exclusion, by Lior Jacob Strahilevitz
Takings, by Richard A. Epstein
Letter to the One Percent, by Anthony W. Orlando

About Lee Fennell: Lee Anne Fennell is Max Pam Professor of Law, Ronald H. Coase Research Scholar, and co-director of the Kreisman Initiative on Housing Law and Policy at the University of Chicago Law School. Her teaching and research interests include property, torts, land use, housing, social welfare law, state and local government law, and public finance. She is the author of The Unbounded Home: Property Values Beyond Property Lines (2009).
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