Ken Taylor's Critical Reads

October 6th, 2018

Ken Taylor is the co-founder and contributing editor of Lute & Drum, an online journal of poetry and poetics. He is the author of self-portrait as joseph cornell (Pressed Wafer, 2016) and the chapbooks: dog with elizabethan collar (selva oscura press, 2015) and first the trees, now this (Three Count Pour, 2013). His poetry has appeared in Hambone, Volt, Blackbird, Blackbox Manifold, Carolina Quarterly, and others. Ken and fellow co-founder of Lute & Drum J. Peter Moore will read from their respective poetry collections, self-portrait as joseph cornell and Zippers and Jeans, on Saturday, 10/13, 3pm at the Co-op.

The H.D. Book, by Robert Duncan

The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study, by Fred Moten & Stephano Harney

Blues People: Negro Music in White America, by Amiri Baraka

Women, the New York School, and Other True Abstractions, by Maggie Nelson

The Importance of Being Iceland: Travel Essays in Art, Eileen Myles

Gnostic Contagion: Robert Duncan & the Poetry of Illness, by Peter O'Leary

My Emily Dickinson, by Susan Howe

Radical Coherency: Selected Essays on Art and Literature, 1966 to 2005, by David Antin

Intricate Thicket: Reading Late Modernist Poetries, by Mark Scroggins

The Transmutation of Love and Avant-Garde Poetics, by Jeanne Heuving

About self-portrait as joseph cornell: self-portrait as joseph cornell is a series of poems shaped like vertical horizontal boxes, the sort of boxes that Joseph Cornell is renowned for having made. Taylor has channeled Cornell's spirit and sense of composition to create this original work.