Matthew Rohrer's Off-Topic Reads

May 24th, 2018

Matthew Rohrer was awarded the 12th annual The Believer Book Award for his novel-in-verse, The Others. Congratulations Matthew! Tumbling from one speaker to the next, Matthew Rohrer’s dreamlike novel-in-verse harkens back to a time when poetic language was used, principally, to tell stories. It is experimental and strange but not in a way that alienates its readers. Whether Rohrer’s characters are riding the F train in midtown Manhattan, high in nineteenth-century France, or fending off robot bigfeet, his masterful attention to detail and rhythm absorbs and engages. Each narrative emerges from the one that precedes it, like a Russian nesting doll, producing a sensation of spacious expansion and laying bare the manner by which narratives absorb and give birth to each other.

The Co-op looks forward to hosting Matthew on Thur. 9/20 at the Co-op. In the meantime check out his Off-Topic Reads below!

The Black Arts, by Richard Cavendish - This is a great introduction to the history of the obsession with the black arts, and a great overview of some of its most infamous people. Though this was not a source per se for The Others, my reading of it really influenced the way the book turned into a dark arts thriller. This is a great place to begin. It's also fairly funny, though it treats the subject seriously.

The Great Beast: The Life and Magick of Aleister Crowley, by John Symonds - Wow. This book is really hard to believe, and even harder to put down. Crowley is the world's most famous Satanist, appearing in the back left of the album cover for Sgt Pepper's; Ozzy Osborne's song MR CROWLEY is about him; and apparently he was the first person to ever summit K2! Read it and find out. There is a lot of heroin and 3 way sex magick in this and yet it's told in such a straightforward way you'll find your eyes goggling out. Sadly out of print but worth tracking down.


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