OPEN STACKS | #17 Tamil Saints and Poets: David Shulman & Ravi Shankar

September 3rd, 2017

Tell him like the scrolls of leaves that fall unread 
after prolonged rain has stripped the branches, 
I too waste away, unread, waiting for the day 
he might translate the secret letters of my limbs.

Andal, from Dark Clouds Be My Messenger


This week on Open Stacks, we explore the beauty of Tamil language and poetry. Preeminent Indian Studies scholars David Shulman and Wendy Doniger discuss Shulman's latest book Tamil: A Biography. Poet Ravi Shankar reads his translations of the ancient poet Andal, as featured in his new co-translated collection, Autobiography of a Goddess. Plus, a special performance of Dhrupad music, Indian classical singing, performed by David and Eileen Shulman.