OPEN STACKS | #34 Anima Sana: Resmaa Menakem, Andrea Petersen & Yael Shy

January 14th, 2018

Winter is well-underway and for some of us this means the height of depression and deepened anxiety. This week on Open Stacks, Resmaa Menakem, Andrea Petersen, and Yael Shy speak about mental wellness and unwellness, and offer tools for coping.


While Colin did a fantastic reading of Sexton's "Wanting to Die," here is the poet herself:

Yael Shy's book is written for people in their twenties, but it goes without saying that meditation instruction is valuable for many people outside of that age range. We ended the episode with a brief meditation led by Shy, and conclude these notes with another, led by Tara Brach.