Pola Oloixarac's Critical Reads

February 18th, 2017

From Argentinian writer, journalist, and translator Pola Oloixarac. Pola will discuss her novel, Savage Theories, with Victoria Saramago on Wed. 2/22 6pm at the Co-op:

On the 1970s Dirty War in Argentina: How we deal with the political burden of the Dirty War years is a big locus of contemporary literature, as well as a topic in the media: it became a staple of the populist regime under Kirchner to portray Montoneros as romantic heroes. Savage Theories contends against this belief. For example, one of the characters is an old Montonero who is now a perfect bourgeois, seduced and mentally tortured by the narrator, a person born in the 1970s. 

My novel also asks the question: How is political resistance possible these days? The characters in Savage Theories throw a party and engage in hacking Google Earth: in the novel there are instructions to allow the reader to engage in the hacking as well, or at least understand the dynamics of the hack. Characters are also constantly reading, interpreting signals as a route map for action. Political novels are a Latin American tradition, and Savage Theories is part of these genre which is typical of the Boom tradition.

The books listed below are relevant to understanding the Dirty War period critically. 

Co-op note: while none of the below are currently available in-store, and none have been translated into English, we are happy to try and get ahold of any of them for interested customers (though we cannot guarantee we will be able to). We are actively expanding our "untranslated" inventory, and are grateful for the opportunity to highlight works unlikely to cross our or our customers' radar otherwise.