Rachel Branham's Critical Reads

February 17th, 2017

Rachel Branham is an artist educator. She is interested in art making as a tool for self-expression and social justice, and believes that project-based, individualized and holistic education is a human right for all young people. She'll be discussing her graphic memoir, What's So Great About Art, Anyway?: A Teacher's Odyssey, with Bill Ayers at 57th Street Books on Sun. 2/19 3pm. 

To Teach: The Journey in Comics by Bill Ayers and Ryan Alxander-Tanner

This is the book that first turned me on to Bill Ayers and his work, as it most closely mirrored my book, What’s So Great About Art Anyway?.

Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the Classroom by Lisa Delpit 

I began reading Lisa Delpit’s work during grad school- definitely valuable for white educators to read.

Art As Experience by John Dewey

A classic; very useful art education text.

Education and Capitalism: Struggles for Learning and Liberation by Jeff Bale and Sarah Knopp

Another great series of essays to broaden perspectives, strengthen empathy, and motivate activism.