Reading is Critical

February 1st, 2017

“Reading and critical thinking are dangerous, indeed subversive, in an unjust society.” (Carl Sagan, University of Chicago AB’54, SB’55, SM’56, PHD’60)

Reading is critical, in both senses of the word. Crucial, of course, insofar as it is a cornerstone of communication, a primary means by which we receive information. But it is also an active form of resistance, a tactic in the struggle against ignorance, misinformation, and manipulation. To read is to become knowledgeable; to become knowledgeable is to become powerful. 


This month, we will share reading lists and recommendations that are, in these senses, “critical.” We invite you to share yours as well. Post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag us and/or use the hashtag #readingiscritical and let’s start a conversation.