Transcending Limits of Spaces and Times: A Selected Bibliography

August 1st, 2017

A conference featuring 50+ presentations on how life can be enhanced. The 36 scholars presenting at the conference are experts in humanities, social sciences, and religious studies from around the world. They will be presenting research that they have been working on over the last two years as part of the Enhancing Life Project. This event is open to the public. See here for tickets, more information, and a detailed schedule. The Transcending Limits of Spaces and Times lab will take place during Session Q, Saturday, August 5, 4:00-5:10 pm.

Transcending Limits of Spaces and Times: The objective of this Research Laboratory is to explore the role of temporal and spatial boundaries for the enhancement of life. While refuge migration provides an example of how the crossing of spatial boundaries might save or enhance life, patience or enduring and embracing vulnerability of finite, temporal life point to the acceptance or cultivation of boundaries as modes of the enhancement of life. In addition to engaging the philosophical and sociological meanings of time and space for enhancing life, often in paradoxical ways, we also turn to the resources of the religions. In religious traditions, the 'boundary management' between present and future and between (finite) time and eternity offer tools to discuss the topic of enhancing life in a differentiated way.


Markus Höfner, Systematic Theology, Bochum University, Germany
Paul Jones, Theology, University of Virginia, USA
Alexander-Kenneth Nagel, Sociology of Religion, Göttingen University, Germany
Piet Naudé, Director, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa
Matthew O‘Hara, History, University of California Santa Cruz, USA
Heike Springhart, Systematic Theology, Heidelberg University, Germany 

The following book list was compiled by conference organizers.

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